Popular Nutritional talk show hosted by Dr Michael Lange for 23 years.

Popular talk show hosted by Dr Michael Lange for 23 years.

Dr Michael Lange

the eyedude in the am Dr Michael Lange

A popular talk show on Nutrition and eye care has been hosted for 23 years by Dr Michael Lange.  This show is called “Ask The Dr” and was started by Dr Michael Lange in April 1993.  Dr Lange discusses the latest in nutrition and eye care on this program and educates his listeners on the latest in anti aging.   He has been broadcasting on multiple radio networks through out the country and live all over the world via the internet.  He has been heavily involved in nutritional research for macular degeneration and dry eyes over the last 20 years and as a result developed the Fortifeye Vitamin Company.  www.fortifeye.com  His nutritional research on carotenoids led him to his latest campaign against the harmful blue light emitted from  digital apps like computers, tablets, smart phones, television and even led lighting.   Dr Lange started a new company called Blue Light Defense

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