Dr Michael Lange top 250 innovative ODs.

Dry Eye Nutrition

Dr. Michael Lange in front of The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida, home of the dry eye!

What is the PCON 250? Simply stated, it is a list of optometrists who practice progressively, provide innovative patient care, conduct optometric research or excel in academia and share what they have learned with other optometrists to advance the profession.  http://www.healio.com/optometry/primary-care-optometry/news/print/primary-care-optometry-news/%7B0103d3c1-f83a-467f-a5a2-7f94d0be9cf4%7D/pcon-250  Dr Michael Lange founder of Lange Eye Care and Associates and The Lange Eye Institute is on the  PCON 250.  Dr Lange is also the founder of Fortifeye Vitamins , Blue Light Defense/ Blue Light Shield  and Parris Optics International. . Dr Lange is involved in the R&D of supplements for total body and eye health.  He sees patients 5 days a week at The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida.  He is a radio personality and has been hosting his own live call in talk show called “ask the dr” non stop since April 1993 and can be heard all over the globe.  The Lange Eye Institute is a total…

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Popular Nutritional talk show hosted by Dr Michael Lange for 23 years.

Popular talk show hosted by Dr Michael Lange for 23 years.

Dr Michael Lange

the eyedude in the am Dr Michael Lange

A popular talk show on Nutrition and eye care has been hosted for 23 years by Dr Michael Lange.  This show is called “Ask The Dr” and was started by Dr Michael Lange in April 1993.  Dr Lange discusses the latest in nutrition and eye care on this program and educates his listeners on the latest in anti aging.   He has been broadcasting on multiple radio networks through out the country and live all over the world via the internet.  He has been heavily involved in nutritional research for macular degeneration and dry eyes over the last 20 years and as a result developed the Fortifeye Vitamin Company.  www.fortifeye.com  His nutritional research on carotenoids led him to his latest campaign against the harmful blue light emitted from  digital apps like computers, tablets, smart phones, television and even led lighting.   Dr Lange started a new company called Blue Light Defense

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Michael Lange Optometrist opens new office in the square of downtown Ocala

Lange Eye Care Uptown Gallery in The Ocala Square.
Lange Eye Care Uptown Gallery in The Ocala Square.

Michael Lange Optometrist and founder of Lange Eye Care and Associates is opening Lange Eye Care Uptown Optical Gallery by February 2014.  This will be a super high-end  optical and eye care center as well as a nutrition center.  Dr. Michael Lange states there isn’t a high-end optical within 200 miles of Ocala Florida.  This optical will carry frames like Channel, Tiffany, Oliver Peoples, Cartier, Prada, Fendi, Fred, Mont Blanc, Todd, Tom Ford, Lafont, Chrome Hearts, Christian Dior, Gucci , English Laundry wood collection, Parris Optics Attitude Collection and many more.   This location will also have evening hours available.  This office will be called the Lange Eye Care Uptown Optical Gallery.

The center will also house a nutrition center that will have everything Dr Lange discusses on his radio shows.   Some examples of what will be at the nutrition center are Fortifeye Vitamins, Douglas Labs Supplements, Life Extensions supplements, Biopharmas nutritional products, Organic Green teas and coffees, Manuka honeys, coconut oil, Organic Goji Berries, Organic Chia seeds, organic Cocoa snips, many different organic bars and beverages, alkaline spring water in glass bottles, All eye care related products  and much more.   This will be the tenth Lange Eye Care location in Florida.  If you are looking for a very unique one of a kind optical frame then this will be the place to come.

Learn more at www.langeeyecare.com

order and learn more about Fortifeye Vitamins at www.fortifeye.com

Michael Lange OD, Host of popular 20 year talk show “Ask The Dr”

Michael Lange OD, has been hosting popular syndicated talk show for over 20 years. The show is all about nutrition and eye care and is called “Ask the Dr”. 

Michael Lange OD, CNS hosting "ask the dr" from Genesis communications in Largo Florida.
Michael Lange OD, CNS hosting “ask the dr” from Genesis communications in Largo Florida.


Michael Lange OD, CNS is an Optometrist and a certified nutrition specialist.  He also has degrees in Psychology and Physiological optics. These four  different levels of academic expertise and over 20 years of clinical experience makes him ideal for hosting this type of talk show.  Dr. Lange takes live calls for an hour that deal with eye care and nutritional topics for the entire body.   Dr Lange has expanded to ten locations of Lange Eye Care, Vitamin Company called Fortifeye Vitamins ,  Frame company called Parris optics international and two eye care related internet companies. He states much of his success is directly related to the talk shows he has been doing for two decades.  Dr. Lange’s philosophy of total body wellness through proper nutrition, life style changes, exercise, sleep , hydration and positive mind-set are discussed in detail on these shows.  Learn more about Michael Lange OD and Lange Eye Care at www.langeeyecare.com or www.fortifeye.com or www.drmichaellange.com

Michael Lange OD develops genotype-directed nutritional therapy for macular degeneration

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and talk show host

Michael Lange OD, CNS has developed genotype-directed nutritional therapy for macular degeneration patients.

Michael Lange OD has been involved in the research and development of nutritional supplements for eye care for nearly 20 years he has followed all of the studies related to nutrition, DNA and Macular degeneration very closely. He has developed an entire line of genotype-directed supplements for macular degeneration under Fortifeye Vitamins name.

Dr. Langes most recent development is a zinc free antioxidant for macular degeneration patients in response to new study recently published. The newest studies suggest that a percentage of macular degeneration patients with specific genotypes may actually be harmed by taking zinc and some may benefit from taking zinc and antioxidants. The only way to determine whether zinc is good or bad is to have a genetic DNA test for macular degeneration. This is a simple in office DNA test that will determine what…

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Zinc free eye vitamins under development by Fortifeye Vitamins

Eye Vitamins

Fortifeye Vitamins is developing a zinc free eye vitamin and a zinc free vitamin for the people that can not tolerate zinc.  Zinc may be contraindicated in many people with specific types of systemic disease and even certain types of eye disease.  Zinc free eye vitamins will be available in the near future through Fortifeye Vitamins.  Fortifeye will also have a zinc free vitamin to be used as a multi vitamin.  All of Fortifeye Vitamins are beta-carotene free.  Fortifeye Vitamins took all beta-carotene out of their vitamins four years ago after they completed a small research study.  AREDS 2 study proved that supplemental beta carotene was bad for macular degeneration patients.  AREDS 2 study also proved that 80 mg of zinc is not necessary for macular degeneration patients.  Most nutritional experts agree that 40mg of zinc on a daily basis is safe.  However some patients may be sensitve to zinc and may …

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Michael Lange Optometrist , syndicated talk show host and certified nutrition specialist

Michael Lange Optometrist in front of Ocala Lange Eye Care

Michael Lange Optometrist and certified nutrition specialist has been hosting a syndicated talk show since April of 1993. This talk show is called “ask the dr.” and braodcast daily on multiple radio networks as well as live via the internet. Dr. Lange discusses ways to slow down the aging in the eye and body thru proper nutrition and life style modifications. Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist from New Orleans started his first office in Ocala Florida on March 15 1993. Michael Lange Ocala based Optometrist has built his eye care organization to 11 locations strong with close to 20 Optometrists and Ophthalmologists on staff. Building the best eye care centers money can buy has been the dream of Michael Lange. Ocala Florida was his beginning and Dr. Lange states “I was in the right place at the right time”. Dr. Lange and his Lange Eye Care locations strive to provide the highest quality of care to the patients in central Florida. Lange Eye Care is constantly updating their technology to stay abreast of the changing times in eye care. All of the doctors at Lange Eye Care are also in tune with proper nutrition and how proper nutrition can help to slow down aging in the eyes and body. Dr. Michael Lange OD, CNS travels the world involved in nutritional research in the development of Fortifeye Vitamins. Fortifeye Vitamins is a company Dr. Lange developed almost a decade ago to help patients slow down free radical damage in the eyes and body. Dr. Lange has changed the formulations eight times over the last six years based on this ongoing research. http://www.fortifeye.com or 866 503 9746. Thousands of patients from all over the country have come to Lange Eye Care to see Dr. Michael Lange. Ocala has been a blessing for Dr. Langes eye care organization. His philosophy of eye care has enabled Lange Eye Care to expand into 11 locations from Clearwater to Gainesville. Michael Lange Optometrist and Entrepeneur is living his dream of providing the highest quality of eye care possible. You can learn more about Lange Eye Care at http://www.langeeyecare.com or http://www.drmichaellange.com if you would like to learn more about nutrition for the eyes then go to http://www.fortifeye.com If you are looking for eye doctors in Ocala or The Villages a toll free number to contact the operators at Lange Eye Care for an appointment at any location is 1 888 781 2020.